The Bay Area Business Roundtable (BABRT) believes that the best business case is made by analyzing gaps in society along with anticipated risks, against the option of inactivity. The justification for change is derived from these results. Through proper due diligence and strategic collaboration, the BABRT develops progressive solutions leading to positive change.

Acting as a trusted intermediary the BABRT bridges societal gaps between business and communities by leveraging its connections to serve the needs of both business and communities. This approach provides organizations with alternative options and communities with unique engagement opportunities that help both better formulate effective change. The BABRT provides an array of practical resources – including issue identification expertise, advisory services, training and timely insight on news, trends and innovation. The BABRT connects its members to a regional network of business and industry peers, partners, community stakeholder groups and thought leaders. The BABRT convenes quarterly roundtable meetings featuring key presentations and workshops to facilitate cross-sector dialogue and collaboration. We are invested in advancing three core initiatives: Economic Development, Policy Development and Workforce Development.

“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”  – Cornel West.


Bay Area Business Roundtable

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