Economic Development

Economic Development

Business Opportunity and Jobs
Economic development is the expansion of wealth in an area or region to improve the social well being and quality of life of its people. This is accomplished by creating business opportunity and jobs, in addition to supporting or growing incomes along with the tax base.

The BABRT works to improve the social well being of Bay Area communities. We conduct research to determine the economic viability of communities and in turn develop tailored solutions to bring about positive change. BABRT published the issues paper Meeting Basic Needs that focused on ways to improve the economic outlook of marginalized communities in Oakland.

As a result of this research, The BABRT is currently developing three economic development programs,

Project 100
A collaborative that brings together representatives from industry, education and government agencies to identify 100 job openings, and qualified candidates with these openings.

  • Industry driven – connecting all parties in the process application identification and placement.
  • Bridging the disconnect between what industry requires and what traditional training centers provide.
  • Training that meets employer qualifications / requirements.

Urban Assistance Clearinghouse
The BABRT has developed the UAC to maximize the opportunity for small, local and disadvantaged businesses to participate in economic development projects throughout the Bay Area.  In pursuit of this goal, UAC provides the following services:

  • Outreach
  • Technical Assistance
  • Free Business Service Center Usage
  • Contract Labor Compliance Assistance
  • Policy Analysis

Green Business Incubator
Enable entrepreneurs to successfully startup and grow green companies that focus on various aspects of prevention, control and remediation relative to environmental pollution, while creating green jobs for members of underserved communities.

The BABRT is committed to creating sustainable growth for the Bay Area economy through collaboration with green industry leaders, employers, small business, public agencies, elected officials and local residents.