The BABRT is committed to developing strategies and pathways leading to sustainable economic improvement for unprivileged communities.  For over 20 years, acting as a trusted intermediary, BABRT has bridged societal gaps between business and communities by leveraging its connections to serve the needs of both business and communities. This approach provides organizations with alternative options and communities with unique engagement opportunities that help both better formulate effective change. The BABRT provides an array of practical resources – including issue identification expertise, advisory services, training and timely insight on news, trends and innovation. The BABRT connects its members to a regional network of business and industry peers, partners, community stakeholder groups and thought leaders. The BABRT convenes monthly roundtable meetings featuring key presentations and workshops to facilitate cross-sector dialogue and collaboration.


To bring about change through the collaboration of public, private, academic, and nonprofit sectors creating sustainable solutions to social problems.


Strategy Development    Provide design of comprehensive programs that teach leadership and management skills. Formulate and develop customized strategies and training to meet market demands, while applying a topic-specific approach to address small scale issues.

Small Business Match Making   Provides intimate and ‘hands on’ opportunities for certified WBE, MBE and DBE professionals to secure new business from our Corporate Supplier Diversity Programs and Public Sector Procurement partners.

Program Analysis and Management     Administer technical and administrative oversight to evaluate and improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of programs and organizations.

Human Capital Development    Assists individuals by providing job and career training, assist with job placement and ultimately career advancement. Services enable individuals to become productive workers in the global economy. Advisory Services – Customized practical advice to mitigate communities’ or organizations’ economic development challenges. Research and Reporting – Undertakes research to investigate economic conditions regarding a specific program or venture, thereby collating the findings into a logical, structured report that enables clear and evidence-based outcomes.


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Bernard Ashcraft ,CEO & Founder

8517 Earhart Rd.

Oakland, CA 94621 

Phone: (510)568-6302



“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship – the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”Peter Drucker Writer, Professor, Management Consultant